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Results of the «Summit of Traders» with Stepan Demura from the broker Weltrade

In Kiev, BC "Ukraine", November 24 held a "Summit traders". Guests and speakers spent this time very rich, making a detailed analysis of current market events, sharing forecasts and expressing their vision of the situation.

Traders summit in Kiev

Briefly about the event:

• 500 + participants;

• 7 authoritative speakers;

• 15 tools to be analyzed.

The summit was attended by a large number of experienced traders, including Stepan Demura. One of the main thoughts of Stepan was the argument that most investors often make decisions irrationally, and not guided by a sober calculation. According to this conventional traders should ignore the external factors and is always watching the market swinging emotions.

Traders summit in Kiev

According to Stepan Demura, the external chaos of the markets is not really so obvious – it has a certain logical beginning, and this is confirmed by mechanical trading systems, making the result on history.

Traders summit in Kiev

Forecasts from Stepan Demura for 2018-2019:


Given the situation in the country, in the near future the hryvnia will be within 30-35 UAH. for dollar, thus the credits received by Ukraine obviously won't improve a situation.

Russian ruble Exchange rate:

The Ruble is expected to face even more difficult times – the burden of sanctions will lower the Russian currency to the level of 80.

Oil Prices:

Oil will sooner or later fall to $ 10, or rather in the period 2019-2020.

Cryptocurrency Forecast:

But bitcoin, according to Stepan, suck, do not envy. In fact, it will collapse to 250-300 dollars, then, perhaps, it will find the strength for the last breakthrough, and then it will be finally fixed somewhere near 200-300 dollars.

Also one of the main participants of the event was the chief dealer of Weltrade-Vasily Barsukov, who shared his idea of what awaits us in the coming months.

Traders summit in Kiev

Vasily predicts an increase in the volatility of the dollar during January - February, plus sees the hryvnia in the area of 30 per dollar, and the Russian ruble "diagnosed" a drop to 85.

Traders summit in Kiev

Vasily also shared the following forecasts, noting that we are talking about the time period until March 2019: the pound will rise to 1450, and gold to the level of 1270-1300.

Bitcoin will slide to 900-1000 for BTC, and then we can talk about a possible increase in demand.

Also the speakers were:

Alexander Novosyadly - revealed a lot of nuances regarding trading advisors, paying special attention to several main parameters of the robot: the level of drawdown, the recovery factor, the total number of orders, as well as the percentage of successful transactions, etc.

Traders summit in Kiev

Alexander Neshin - shared his interesting thoughts about his personal trading experience, and Alexander starts primarily from graphical analysis - candlestick patterns, patterns and so on. For example, when a pattern arises, it is necessary to make a comparison with the volumes, and thus confirming the state of things in the market. It is also important not to forget about RSI and Moving Average, indicators, with which you can calculate the optimal entry and exit points.

Traders summit in Kiev

Alexander Kirgan - drew the attention of the participants to the fundamental role of psychology in the process of trade. Yes, traders can choose one or another strategy in the market, but there is one thing that unites all – the human factor. Our "unconscious" is the reason that in order to succeed in trading it is necessary to monitor your psychological condition, because in 90% of cases this factor is key.

In this context, Alexander advised to unload the psyche running, meditation and other physical exercises.

Traders summit in Kiev

Andrey Ivanov is a trader who has 10 years of successful trading. He is a follower of Greg's theory, and Steve Neeson's method of trading on Japanese candlesticks, uses a risky approach that brings good interest to the initial Deposit. Andrey advised to use candle analysis in trading strategy (spoke in detail about different combinations of candles – shooting star, hammer and other common combinations) as a basis for decision-making.

Traders summit in Kiev

Andrey Delhi - shared with the participants his thoughts on the importance of such things as macroeconomic indicators. Interest rate, inflation, etc. he also reminded about the importance of risk management in certain situations. And it was not without useful advice: to risk a maximum of 30-50% of the account, to distribute the entire amount to several accounts, to set the leverage to 1: 33, which will allow to successfully deal with the sometimes harmful desire to open too large volumes of transactions.

Traders summit in Kiev

The Summit was a bright and memorable event for traders from many Ukrainian cities - Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odessa and others.

Traders summit in Kiev

The Event was very rich and high-quality in content, so both beginners and experienced traders were able to learn a lot of important and useful information.

Traders summit in Kiev

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03 December 2018

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