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With the holiday season right around the corner, you’ll have a lot more free time for trading in financial markets! And Alpari has great news for everyone who intends to trade actively during this period. We’re launching the Double Your Cashback promotion with excellent bonuses available under the Alpari Cashback program for the most common and routine transactions:

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Registration is open! Join for free using a demo account. A total of $ 100,000 will be awarded to the most active traders. The 1000 participants with the highest account balance will win. You can participate on any day of the stock exchanges.


RoboX is a smart service for automated trading!


RoboX is a new generation of intelligent trading systems.

It takes into account your style of trading used by trading tools and strategies the risk management.

RoboX offers to take a simple survey, the answers are used in an algorithm that scans a database of more than 1,000,000 trading strategies to create your own personalized trading strategies according to pre-defined algorithm rules.

These sets are automatically updated in real time as the RoboX algorithm scans all available strategies and matches your account only with those that best suit your trading profile.

Frequently asked questions / FAQ

How to start investing?

Log In To your BCS account, on the main page or in the menu on the left, select the section "Account Management" - "My accounts", then in the "Trading accounts" block, click on the "+" sign:

  • Select the Invest account type;
  • Specify the amount of leverage;
  • Click on "Open account".

After the account is opened, the system will display the trading account number and password-the data that will be required to log into the RoboX platform.

  • Save login data;
  • Click on "Go to RoboX".

After switching to the RoboX Web platform, to access ready-made trading strategies, you need to:

  • Select the "Trading" tab;
  • At the Bottom of the form click "Create account";
  • In the "E-mail" field, specify the email from the Personal account of BCS Forex;
  • In the "Password" field, set a new password to quickly enter The RoboX terminal;
  • In the field "trading account with broker" specify the number of the Invest trading account;
  • In the "Trading account Password" field, specify the password for the Invest trading account;
  • Click on "Create live account"

After that, you will have a choice of portfolios, according to your usual trading style, containing ready-made trading strategies.

How do I Fund my investment account?

Account Replenishment is available by Bank transfer, Visa, MasterCard, QIWI and Yandex e-wallets.Money, and you can make a Deposit through Internet banks: Alfa-Click and BCS Online.

How to trade on the RoboX platform?

1. After choosing a trading method and style, a number of portfolios are available for you to choose from.
Tick the portfolios you are Interested in, then click on the "Add portfolio"button.

2. When adding portfolios, you must specify the amount of investment. Volume is specified in the base currency. All opened positions will be with the specified volume.

1 000 base unit = 0.01 lot
100 000 base unit = 1 lot

3. Tick "Execution of current portfolio signals";

4. Click the "Add portfolio" button.

After adding the portfolio, trades will be opened automatically, trades can be tracked in the "Open positions" and "Closed positions" tab. You can find information on portfolios and strategies in the "My portfolios" section.

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