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The program of technical analysis Autochartist

autochartist As a beginner and experienced trader constantly worrying a lot of questions: when to enter the market and when to close the position? What are the figures of technical analysis is better to use? And most importantly - how to effectively trade the Forex market?

Alpari offers a helper who will tell you the answers to these questions. This helper is a new service Autochartist, which is a symbiosis of different methods of classical technical analysis. Now, in order to apply technical analysis does not necessarily have deep knowledge in this area and spend hours at the computer, trying to figure that just formed.

Autochartist automatically recognizes the shape of technical analysis on the graphs, identifies and predicts the future behavior of the market, giving you timely and signals indicating the preferred direction of trade, under appropriate conditions.

This service can be used successfully as to confirm that you have made the findings and to develop their own approach to market analysis and understanding of technical analysis methods.

autochartist 1. Autochartist - a trading assistant that scans the online trading information and notifies you of trade opportunities. This is not a trading system, as a program that systematically inform you of the possibility of a deal.
2. Autochartist sends you the trading signals every 15 minutes. You can use these signals for analysis of the market cycle.
3. Autochartist will notify you of further promotion of the figure. These signals are called "repeated signals╩ (re-alerts or continuing alerts). If the formation of the figure is no longer supported by the program, repeated signals will not be sent.
4. Before working with the program, you must configure the search criteria: search tab must include the characters and the spacing that you prefer.
5. Graphics - it's dynamic and static lines and levels (support, resistance, trend lines) that form the shape.
6. Good signals are placed on top of columns "Consistency" (Uniformity) and "Clarity" (Clarity).
7. Open and close positions you can just in your trading platform: MetaTrader 4, Systematic, Alpari Direct and Alpari Direct Pro.
8. As "the continuing (continuing) figures", and "reversal patterns" ('reversal' patterns) may behave differently from the forecast. Forecast - this is just a guess, based on figures, trends, and other actions prices, which analyzes the program Autochartist.
9. "Finished pieces" (Complete Patterns) - these are the figures that have been punched or formed, whereas the "Emerging figure" (Emerging Patterns) - this is the emerging figure. To use time usefully refer to the "Emerging figure" to pre-calculate the optimal time to enter the market, but to the "Completed figures" - to get help in managing an open transaction.
10. Autochartist program identifies the figure in the plots using an agreed computer algorithm, which promptly recognizes as profitable and unprofitable figures.
11. Log in Autochartist possible for an investor password.

Download program Autochartist

09 March 2010

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