Friday 26.02.2021
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ForexCup Trading Championship 2021

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exness EXNESS company provides customers the opportunity of free access to the trading terminal through the service VPS-Hosting.

Establish a remote terminal server which is located directly next to the main servers of the company, customers can work with the trading terminal in full as on your own computer.

Remote terminal is designed primarily to provide quality technical terms of trade with the support of autonomous modules (experts, counselors).

The main advantages of using a remote trading terminal:

1. Possibility of trade with advisers and experts in off your own computer (remote terminal stable clock) - now it is not necessary to keep your computer is always on - the remote terminal is completely replaces it, and you get a lot of free time.

2. Regardless of the quality network connectivity Internet - to execute warrants will no longer affect the quality of the provision of Internet services with your ISP - the remote terminal is in close proximity to the main server of the Company (the speed of data exchange between a remote terminal and the main server of the company is very high).

3. The ability to use any operating system to work (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) - connect to a remote terminal can be of any operating system - the connection settings are simple and clear.

4. Implementation of access to his trading account from anywhere without installing any software required for trading, using only their personal data for a trading account - you actually need only a computer connected to the Internet, because All the necessary software already installed on the remote terminal.

In addition, a trade through a remote terminal, the customer may optionally go to your trading account with a desktop computer. All trading operations in such a case will proceed in parallel with the two terminals at the same time: the main and remote.

There are restrictions on the use of VPS-Hosting: the size of your initial deposit must be at least 500 USD or equivalent in other currencies, in addition, you will be able to install software on the remote terminal.

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28 July 2010

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