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Win $1000 and an iPhone! Participate in the Forex Traders contest!

Battle of traders

A reliable international STP/NDD broker offers a unique opportunity to win $1,000 and the newest iPhone 14 Pro NPBFX! Honest and transparent conditions, no risks and investments of your own funds – are you interested? Of course! We tell you the essence of this contest, the conditions for winning and participating. Spoiler: you can become a participant right now.

What is the name of the contest? "Battle of traders" - such a bright name has been the contest for several years of its holding.

What is the essence of this popular contest? All participating traders are in absolutely equal conditions: at the start, they receive $ 5,000 for their demo (virtual) account and start trading according to their strategy. The winners are those traders who managed to "disperse" their deposit as much as possible, that is, earn the greatest profit compared to their rivals.

What trading assets can I work with? The contestants' trading portfolio may include any MT4 NPBFX trading instruments: currencies-FX, stocks and stock indices, raw materials, metals, cryptocurrencies. There are no restrictions on trading strategies. Scalping, HTF, intraday trading or automated trading systems – the choice is up to the trader.

Requirements for winners: to qualify for the top 10 winners, you need to close only 10 trading positions and increase the initial deposit by only 30%.

Who can become a participant of the "Battle"? Anyone. Even if you only learned how to open deals yesterday, then why not try your luck! After all, you are not risking anything – the contest is held on demo accounts, no payment is charged for participation. For experienced traders, the contest is a great way to hone your vehicle or try a new one with an eye on the prize pool.

Why we recommend the "Battle of Traders" contest:

  • A solid prize pool is $2500! This amount is raffled off at the end of each contest month. A trader on the 1st line of the standings gets $1000 and a chance to win a super prize - the newest iPhone 14 Pro!
  • Zero costs and risks – the terms are simple and transparent, no vague formulations.
  • 24/7 monitoring – participants' trading is broadcast in a special online monitoring, access to which is open and round-the-clock. This approach allows rivals to track each other's progress and guarantees 100% transparency.
  • Optimal timing of the competition. A week? 3 months? A year? No. Each stage of the competition is held for exactly 1 calendar month. This is a convenient timing for getting a good result in the volatile Forex market.

Conditions for the distribution of the prize fund of the "Battle of Traders"?

1. A trader on the 1st line of the standings receives 1000 USD to his real trading account. On the 2nd line - 500 USD, on the 3rd – 200, and participants on the 4th and 5th lines receive 150 USD, all lines below to the 10th inclusive – 100 USD. The funds are transferred to the winners' trading accounts with NPBFX. The deposit can be used for trading, as well as withdraw from the account if simple conditions are met.

2. The super prize of the contest is the newest iPhone 14 Pro. This fashionable and useful gadget in trading is received by the winners who increased their deposit 50 times during the competition! By the way, you can read interviews with the winners of the previous stages in the broker's social networks.

How to join the "Battle of Traders" contest?

1st step. Register in your Personal Account as a participant of the "Battle of Traders".
2nd step. Open a competitive demo account with 5000 USD on the balance.
the 3rd step. Open deals using your favorite trading strategy and reach the top ten of the competition!

Get involved in an interesting journey for a period of 1 calendar month to feel the genuine emotions of the trading struggle and win a real trading deposit! Register in the "Battle of Traders" on the special website of the proven NPBFX broker right now at link.

01 August 2023

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