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World stock market holidays: June 2023


Dear traders, please get acquainted with upcoming changes in LiteFinance’s trading schedule this month.

Queen's Birthday, AU — 12.06.2023

Trading instrument Closure Resumption
ASX200 09/06/2023 23:59:59 12/06/2023 10:10:00

Juneteenth, US — 19.06.2023

Trading instrument Closure Resumption
XAUUSD 19/06/2023 20:15:00 20/06/2023 1:00:00
XAGUSD 19/06/2023 20:15:00 20/06/2023 1:00:00
UKBRENT 19/06/2023 20:15:00 20/06/2023 3:00:00
USCRUDE 19/06/2023 20:15:00 20/06/2023 1:00:00
XNGUSD 19/06/2023 20:15:00 20/06/2023 1:00:00
YM 19/06/2023 20:00:00 20/06/2023 1:00:00
SPX 19/06/2023 20:00:00 20/06/2023 1:00:00
NQ 19/06/2023 20:00:00 20/06/2023 1:00:00
NI225 19/06/2023 20:00:00 20/06/2023 1:00:00
NYSE CFD's 16/06/2023 23:00:00 20/06/2023 16:30:00
NASDAQ CFD's 16/06/2023 23:00:00 20/06/2023 16:30:00

Dragon Boat Festival, HK & CN — 22.06.2023

Trading instrument Closure Resumption
HK50 21/06/2023 22:00:00 23/06/2023 4:15:00

* The schedule is formed according to the time of LiteFinance’s trading server (GMT+3 as displayed in the trading platform).

The instruments other than specified here are traded as usual. The actual trading schedule for each trading instrument is always displayed in the “Info on the instrument” section in the Client area at LiteFinance.

This information is for guidance purposes only and is subject to change. Please, stay up to date.

If necessary, adjust your trading strategy to these changes. Please contact our support service if you need assistance.

31 May 2023
Conducting trading operations in financial markets with margin financial instruments has a high level of risk and can lead to losses and loss of investment funds. When starting trading, make sure that you are fully aware of all the risks, as well as have the appropriate knowledge and experience for trading.

If you have problems accessing the website or the Trader's Account, use any VPN service in the browser Chrome / Firefox.

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