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Double Your Cashback promotion: great discounts Alpari


With the holiday season right around the corner, you’ll have a lot more free time for trading in financial markets! And Alpari has great news for everyone who intends to trade actively during this period. We’re launching the Double Your Cashback promotion with excellent bonuses available under the Alpari Cashback program for the most common and routine transactions:

Compete for a $100,000 prize pool in Stock Battle


Registration is open! Join for free using a demo account. A total of $ 100,000 will be awarded to the most active traders. The 1000 participants with the highest account balance will win. You can participate on any day of the stock exchanges.


xSocial: the key to successful trading on Forex


Today, social networking sites, such as VK, LinkedIn and Facebook - this is one of the most important components of the global Internet, without which it is difficult to imagine our life. They added a lot of features for communication and earnings on the Internet, as well as simplified communication network. One of these social networks for traders is a unique platform xSocial.

The possibilities of social networks allow you to monitor and copy trades of successful traders in a single click. It is not only seriously increases the potential for profit in the financial markets, but also allows you to trade successfully, even for beginners in the field of trading. The advantages are xSocial free access to the full functionality of the network and the availability to use for anyone who does not possess special knowledge of trade in the Forex market.

Example of real wages through the company network xSocial AMarkets

In the period from 26 to 30 September 2016, AMarkets known broker client made a number of trades, which increased its deposit more than $ 2,000. A detailed report is submitted in investing.

Customer Statement AMarkets

This client company for trading and decision-making used xSocial service and performed automatically copy trades of the selected successful trader.

The advantages of working with a platform to copy transactions xSocial

The important features xSocial can be designated:

  • Ease of use. On the main page of the network in real-time displays all necessary information about available to traders and their transactions. You can select a trader you are interested in, and copy it to track a transaction in just one click;
  • The independence of the work. You no longer need to give high interest rates and fees for transactions committed by you - the trader, which deal you choose to copy, do not know of any of your actions or how much revenue they bring;
  • Accessibility and functionality. xSocial platform is completely free and provides full functionality for all customers AMarkets both demo and live account;
  • Flexible personalization. By the choice of traders, you can customize almost every search option. There is a possibility of sorting of traders in the country, age and so on. This comfortable setting system aims to save time when working and receiving benefits in trade.


After analyzing the information, and taking into account the results of actual trading through the system to copy transactions xSocial we can conclude that the social network is not only an excellent opportunity for trade and development, but also an excellent opportunity to increase their profits and to simplify the work as a whole.

One of the major advantages of the service feel a high level of loyalty to the trade for beginners in the financial markets, because the platform allows you to start earning on the Forex anyone who has no special knowledge of the market conditions. It greatly distinguishes the service from a variety of inefficient and unstable counterparts.

07 October 2016

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Trading in Financial Markets carries a high level of risk for investors. All materials are published for informational purposes only.