Wednesday 06.07.2022
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Your new advanced technical analysis tool - «Admiral. Autochartist»!

Admiral Markets

We are pleased to introduce a new service for automated technical analysis and price pattern recognition - «Admiral.Autochartist».

This service will be available absolutely free of charge to all «Admiral.Pro» account users, while owners of other trading accounts may order it for as little as $5 USD per month!

What is «Admiral.Autochartist»?

A set of the world’s most advanced tools for the automatic recognition of technical price indicators and Fibonacci patterns. Admiral.Autochartist technology allows traders to monitor a variety of financial instruments on a constant basis, automatically uncovering trading opportunities as they occur. Moreover Admiral.Autochartist gives traders the tools to evaluate quality and clarity of patterns as they are forming and even suggests price targets that will allow you to take advantage of these formations.

How «Admiral.Autochartist» can help you in trading?

Admiral.Autochartist eliminates the need for traders to spend hours analyzing charts and looking entry points because this is automatically handled across all symbols and chart timeframes by Autochartist itself. This new offering has the ability to save you hundreds of hours of screen time. You will also be better positioned to expand your trading strategies to include new instruments that will diversify allow for advanced risk diversification and increased profitability.

Admiral.Autochartist consists of three main modules:

- Chart Patterns – The chart pattern recognition system is able to automatically detect the most common trends of completion and continuation as they are forming. It will also estimate the power of these trends and mark points of entry into the market and TakeProfit/StopLoss levels. The system will notify a trader of patterns through audible and visual signals, and will display the detected pattern’s shape on the chart.
- Fibonacci Patterns – A system of automatic Fibonacci pattern recognition.
- Powerstats – This toolkit provides traders with statistical insights into the relative movements of Forex instruments. Powerstats may be used for getting statistical information about average pip movement in a specific time frame, understanding the likelihood for upside or downside momentum, and creating indicators of statistical highs and lows across various time frames.

In a combination these modules will allow you to quickly spot and utilize a wide range of technical analysis patterns in all symbols and within all timeframes as well as to set your Stop Loss and Take Profit orders in the most efficient way.

22 September 2011

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